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Douglas Barwick Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings and piping accessories. It stands at the forefront of quality with the experience and expertise developed from more than a century in the production and fabrication of metal piping products.

Drainage Test Plugs


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Alpha star provides wide range of drain test plugs, many with a choice of aluminium, steel or nylon.the plugs are typically inserted into the pipe and the wing nut tightened to force the top and bottom plates together, thereby expanding the rubber ring to seal tightly in the pipe.alternative or larger sizes from those listed may be available to order, please ring or email if you wish to discuss any specific requirements.

Floor Cleanouts / Drains

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Two types of drainage Fixtures  are balcony drain and floor grating.they are made of stainless steel ss316 sized at 100 x 100 includes cover,grate and frame in ss316 and the outlet is of ABS 50 mm OD Dia.the shape of the Grating is Square

PanNext Fittings - Malleable Iron Galavanized & Black

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PanNext - Built to stand the pressure. Our advantage is that we offer the experience in the industry, the finest quality products and highest level of service.pannext has established itself as a leader in the fitting manufacturing industry. With UL approved, ISO 9001 certificates and a high standard in testing assures us to offer only premium quality products.Standard specifications are Material dimensions:ASTMA 197 (CUPOLA)ANSI B 16.3, B 16.4, B 16.39 & SI 225,Union dimensions :WW-U-516-B,Threads : ANSI / ASME B 1.20, BS 21,Class :150 P.S.I,Tensile strength :28.4 kg/mm. (Minimum),Elongation:5% Minimum ,Zinc coating: SI 918, ASTM A 153Working pressure :10 kg/cm (150 P.S.I.),Rated pressure :20 kg/cm (300 P.S.I)

Pipe Clamps & Supports

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Our range includes split clamps(lined),split clamps(unlined),clevis hanger(light duty),clevis hanger(heavy duty),clevis hanger(long),sprinkler pipe clamp(lined),adjustable swivel ring(steel or copper),riser clamps.

Water Hammer Arrestor

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water hammer is a subject usually left up to plumbing engineers, the effects of water hammer must be dealt with every day by plumbing con-tractors everywhere. Water hammer is easily recognized by the banging or thumping noise that’s heard when valves are shut off. Although this is an easy way to recognize the problem, water hammer doesn’t always make these telltale noises. Water hammer occurs when the flow of moving wa-ter is suddenly stopped by a closing valve. This sudden stop results in a tre-mendous spike of pressure behind the valve which acts like a tiny explosion pastinginside the pipe. This pressure spike reverberates throughout the plumbing system, rattling and shaking pipes, until it is absorbed. Normally, a sufficient pocket of air will absorb such a pressure spike, but if no pocket of air is present, expensive fixtures and appliances within the plumbing system will be damaged as they are left to absorb this pressure spike